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Our proposal is about a new path in art .Our approach towards art represents the belief that art has a compromise with society. Art needs to be involved in our lives. As society evolves, art needs to evolve with it. We are going to open the doors of the city to bring art to the streets. Instead of people going to art, we are bringing art to the people.

We think that art is not one person or a single artist, is a group of people who work together with a common purpose. We all come from different backgrounds and history, but we are all going to be together in the same time at the same place. It does not matter if we agree or disagree in some topics, is about how we can standstill together. In this point is where Newark history and UnOneAllcentro cross each other.

In this edition, twenty-five Contemporary Artists, from Latin-America and Spain present most of their recent work. UNONEALLCENTRO Org put all these Latin-American, coming from different places around the world such as Belgium, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica and Los Angeles, together in one space. One important point about this exhibition, is to show how different artists with the same background develop an unique form of expression as result of the experience that each one has after living in a foreign country.
UNONEALLCENTRO just want to remind us that Art is a universal language = we are just